I'm a New England girl living in a Philly world. And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I’ve got to be pretty gritty to be a Patriots fan living in Eagle land...

Just kidding! They treat me well here. I love Philadelphia.

I’m a former Division-I track and field sprinter, turned marathoner, turned ultra-marathoner. In college, I was a social extrovert and scholar-athlete, active with my sorority, sports clubs, and charitable causes, so no one ever assumed I suffered from anxious episodes, depression, or low-self-esteem. It wasn’t without the trauma of overcoming an abusive relationship that drove me to pursue distance running and coaching others on confidence, healthy human connection, and self-worth.

Through nearly 5 years of intense personal development and self-discovery, I’ve pushed the boundaries of my physical and mental capabilities.

Athletically, I've completed four marathons and am currently training for my third Boston Marathon and second 230-mile adventure ultra marathon, called the Run Across Haiti.

Professionally, I'm a certified personal trainer, group instructor, and mentor to college and high-school women and athletes through group meet-ups, speaking engagements, and one-on-one coaching.

For my community, I've been able to share 15 years of running experience through educational talks and published posts and have contributed over $16,000 through fundraising for local non-profits as a charity runner.

Today, I am committed to sharing my cultivated wisdom around mindset, self-worth, relationships, and running to those seeking a connection to the same. The WAYASHE Lives is where I aspire to build confidence, connection, and community through conversation and movement.

Above all, this is a place to let you know you are not alone.

Thanks for being here, 

- J E S S I C A